Marie Monin

Marie Monin

Marie Monin is a exclusive Danish shoe brand. The design is classic and elegant and is aimed at style conscious women who value timeless design and special details. The signature of Marie Monin is the beautiful, dark blue sole that is inspired by the colour of the enchanting Nordic night sky.

The name ‘Marie Monin’ origins from France and is inspired by the female spy, Virginia Hall, who supported the French resistance movement during 2. World War. She had several code names and one of them was ‘Marie Monin’. With heart, wisdom and great courage, she made a significant difference. We chose the name ‘Marie Monin’ because of our admiration to her endeavours.

Marie Monin is a family company, were they work through integrity, classic design and focus on quality in all aspects of our value chain. With passion, we take pride in the solid craftsmanship and aesthetic design defining the exclusivity of Marie Monin shoes. In that way we can create elegant and timeless shoes for stylish women, who value the unique detail.

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