Malone Souliers

Malone Souliers

Mary Alice Malone was born and raised in the heart of the Pennsylvania countryside, in the United States of America. A talented dressage rider, she was selected for the Junior Olympic Equestrian Team at an early age. However, her restless desire for artisan design soon germinated to an enrolment in art school in Colorado.

Engaging in the varying processes of furniture-making, welding, carpentry and upholstery, Mary Alice found her skill in her hands, settled into her new and lifelong vocation as a ‘Maker.’

This talent and craftsmanship came to rest in the design and creation of shoes and, specifically so, their place in a woman’s world. She honed her craft with the Cordwainers course at the London College of Fashion, further refining her skills at a number of renowned ateliers, before launching her own brand.

Much unlike the industrial practice of Fashion informing Fashion, MaryAlice applies the tenement of Psychology to unravel the sensibilities of the needs of the quintessential girl and woman, around which the shoes are made.

Drawing on the discipline and drive for perfection instilled in her by Olympian dressage, Mary Alice designs primarily in architectural principle, and only secondarily to trend, prioritising an exacting standard from the locus of the heel down to the millimetre of motion.

Malone Souliers™ is the culmination of Mary Alice’s scrupulous research of the craft, and her dedication to its mastery.

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