Laerke Bagger

Laerke Bagger

Laerke is known as one of Denmark’s most talented knit desginers.

She is educated from the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen and is known for her colorful and playful design.

We have been so lucky to make a collaboration with her. Together we have designed a small unique collection sold exclusively at Leah Maria.

Each knit is numbered and is a little piece of art. They are all handmade by Lærke in her studio in Copenhagen.

The sweaters are knitted in 80% wool and 20% mixed scrap yarn. The scrapyarn is handmade from a variety of different upcycled yarns such as silk, cotton, wool, linen, viscose, polyamid etc. The scrap yarn is cut into smaller pieces and tied together by hand and reconstructed as handmade multi material/coloured sustainable yarn.

size 1. is like a small/medium and size 2. is like a medium/large.

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