Hôtel is a French brand by Alexandra Hartmann that creates unique pieces of hand made clothing in Belleville from discarded curtains mainly from hotels in Paris. The whole philosophy behind Hôtel is to embrace the imperfections of the curtains; every fabric and every piece is unique and is hand made in the same studio in Paris Belleville. The entire production is local from start to finish, from the fabric to the buttons (some of which dates all the way back to the 1940’ties)

Every curtain is handpicked with the intention to create something special.

​There is an inherent poetry to them, it´s interesting to think what these curtains have seen and heard.

Working with recovered fabrics is not just a matter of means, but an active choice.

It breathes new life into these discarded items by turning them into truly unique pieces. Working with these materials is a thoughtful process. There is very little fabric waste since the size of the curtain is already a restriction. The fabric imposes itself to you and you need to improvise and work with what you get, It´s a process that can take a lot of time. It’s simple and complex all at once. Some jackets have a beautiful silk lining and intricate details while others, some are reversible while others are more minimalistic. Some fabrics are worn out and some are imperfect and that’s what makes them interesting to work with and what gives them life. Each of the jackets adapts to these imperfections by either circumventing or highlighting them.

Each of the jackets has a story. There are no two jackets alike.

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