The CARRON Paris story rises within Artists’ family which Mathilde and Charles, Parisian of origins, both born within the 14e district of Paris, artist center Par Excellence, are the worthy descendants. From this strong ancestry, will be born the CARRON Paris story.

CARRON Paris, despite the nobility of its long and particularly rich artistic background, is a quite young company which creates and publishes collections to enrich a certain French Art de Vivre lifestyle. Declined in noble materials, bound mainly to the ancestral art of the ceramic, most of the objects are drawn by Mathilde and then completely hand-made in the CARRON workshop according to a process of her own. Each piece is singular and becomes unique, all distinguish themselves by their graphic elegance and the beauty of the finishes where shadow and light play with shapes, chance and hazard become part of the matter of the object.

Thanks to the perfect mastery of the know-how, CARRON Paris can study the most different projects and embody them within the workshop.

CARRON Paris, following encounters and discussions, can also develop lines using glass, metal, cardboard ….

Limited editions, small series, unique or numbered pieces, this high quality invoice is linked to the Hand made in France know-how excellence of CARRON Paris workshop.

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