The journey as an expansion of personal horizons, strengthening of human bonds and accumulation of emotions and experiences is the fueling principle of ALANUI, project originated by the dialogue between siblings Nicolò and Carlotta Oddi. Alanui was conceived as a luxurious and emotion-charged garment that could be the perfect travel companion, getting better as experiences grew, and keeping textural record of them.

The name, apropos, means “large path” in the Hawaiian language.
Alanui started its journey as a brand with a collection built around a single item, produced in a variety of patterns: a buttonless unisex oversized jacquard cashmere cardigan, edged with a dense fringe and closed with a two-tone belt. Keeping this key item as the foundation, it now continues to grow organically, expanding with new items, incorporating accessories, opening to new journeys, both real and imaginary.

Coming fall 2021

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